Food Safety Sanitation

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Food Safety and Quality Guidelines :
Manual for Hotels, Restaurants and Food Vendors

Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) has always been proactive in supporting and providing inputs to Government Policy and value adding by providing guidance to industry to meet new challenges for increasing competitiveness. Ensuring "Consumer Safety" ranks high on the CII agenda in the area of Food Quality.

It is in this context that a Committee on Food Safety and Quality has been set up under the National Committee on Quality and Competitiveness in CII. Under the work plan of this committee a drive for implementation of ' Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), "Good Hygienic Practices (GHP)" and " Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP)" in the Food Industry has been undertaken to ensure "Safe and Quality" products to the consumers.

This manual " Food Safety and Quality Guidelines" for Hotels, Restaurants and Food Vendors is the first amongst the series of manuals envisaged by the Committee.

This manual is for the guidance of small and medium size Hotels, Restaurants, Dhabas and Street Food vendors, as a service.

In preparing this manual CII has made an effort for guiding food serving establishments to implement simple and practical systems and practices for ensuring compliance to GMP, GHP and HACCP in their establishments. These standards have been adapted from establishments who are conscious of such norms and have been able to successfully implement and maintain them.

The manual deals in detail about the location, layout, structure, physical facilities like hand wash, water supply, storage, lighting and ventilation etc required for the food service establishments. Cleaning , sanitation and maintenance of the physical facilities have been explained in a simple manner with lots of charts, formats and photographs for easy...
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