Food Safety

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Reaction paper in HRM 106
Food and Safety Sanitation

As a Hotel and Restaurant Management student I learned a lot about the Food and Safety Sanitation video that we watch. As an Individual Food Borne Illness are the greatest danger to food safety.It could result to illness or disease to an individual that would affect their overall health ,work and personal lives. Base on what I have watch there are types of food contaminants,Biological Contaminants may cause a food borne illness(bacteria,viruses,fungi,parasites,biological toxins). To prevent Biological Contaminants maintain good personal hygiene,observe proper hand washing ,clean and sanitize equipments and facilities.Physical Contaminant any foreign object that accidentally find its way into food. In preventing Physical Contaminant always wear hair restraint ,avoid wearing jewelry when preparing ,cooking and holding foods.Chemical Contaminants is a chemical substance that can cause food borne illness. Substances normally found in restaurant. Prevent Chemical Contaminants by storing chemicals in original containers to prevent accidental misuse ,as well as leakage into food. I also learned that there are Three Main Causes of Food Borne Illness. 1.Cross Contamination 2.Time-temperature abuse 3.Poor Personal Hygiene.Another thing that I learned is the importance of First-In,First-Out (FIFO) because this methods are commonly used to calculate the value of inventory on hand at the end of a period and the cost of goods sold during the period. This method assumes that inventory purchased or manufactured first is sold first and newer inventory remains unsold. Thus cost of older inventory is assigned to cost of goods sold and that of newer inventory is assigned to ending inventory. The actual flow of inventory may not exactly match the first-in, first-out pattern.Let us always bear in...
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