Food Report-Pakistan

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Food Preparation & Recipe Assignment

Food Report

Food vs. Lifestyle, Family Relationships, Economy
Similar to Canada Pakistan has 3 meals a day: Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner. Although, the culture of England has been adopted as evening tea is very common. This includes small snacks along side with tea, usually before sunset. Although, in Pakistan Islam in the major religion and one of the obligations is to participate in the month of Ramadan. During which time the household has two meals a day rather than three. Also the times of these meals are different as breakfast or known in Pakistan as “Sehri” is eaten before sunrise and dinner or “Iftaar” is after sunset. As people are fasting during the day, lunch does not exist.
Breakfast is one of the three most common meals of the day, in Pakistan (Udru) “nashta” in their native name for breakfast. The most common food eaten in breakfast includes eggs either boiled, fried. In addition, the egg is complemented by a piece of bread. Although tradition bread is known as “roti” that is eaten. Some other food accompanied by the already listed is butter on bread or other various pitas. In Canada, coffee is the beverage of preference in the morning, although in Pakistan, as they were formerly a britsh colony, they adopted tea also known as “chai” and this is their drink of choice.
A traditional lunch in a Pakistani household is as follows: typically a type of meat inside of curry, some lunches include “Chicken Curry” and “Beef Curry”. In addition, to add variety to the meal, some households enjoy rice with beef and potatoes or chili soup. Another common type of lunch in Pakistan is “Daal Chawal”. Although, family lunches are not very common as the breadwinners are usually at work and return home for dinner. Although lunch for breadwinners may vary as traditional food is not eaten at work, due to its scent and thus they either buy food or have sandwiches for lunch. As no attention is

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