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As requested, I enclose the report on the research on international cuisine and factors affecting its development.

The report will include the influences and impact that different nations, regions, cultures and ethnic groups have had on the emergence of international cuisine, in this case, Malaysia.

Thank you for requesting this research on international cuisine. I will be happy to discuss any other questions not clearly answered in this report if required.

Yours sincerely


Prepared for: Mr Andrew Summers

Submitted: 10 October 2007

Prepared by:

The purpose of this report is to research, examine and develop international cuisine knowledge, with focus on Malaysian cuisine. The scope of the report covers the geographic area of Malaysia and its associated climatic conditions, the impact of history and climate on its cuisine, the main ethnic and religious groups relevant to the cuisine, the main food commodities grown in Malaysia, the main indigenous foods, flavours and ingredients used, the main dishes indicative of Malaysian cuisine, the contribution of Malaysian cuisine to International cuisine, and examples of the ingredients and cuisines that have been incorporated into international cuisine.

Research has been carried out by the form of books, websites and statistical figures.

It is found that Malaysian cuisine has been heavily affected by the diversity of the people found in Malaysia and their history. A blend of the three main ethnic groups, Chinese, Malays and Indian, has been formed to suit the taste of each other.

Religious and ethnic dietary needs have been considered in the cuisine styles of each ethnic race and Malaysian cuisine as a whole.

Malaysian cuisine has a distinct flavour of spicy, and their main ingredients include rice and noodles as the staple food, and seafood.

Malaysian cuisine has contributed to international cuisine over the past years, and many of Malaysia’s dishes are now found in many restaurants. The cooking style of mixing Chinese and Malay or Malay and Indian is also been incorporated in international cuisine with the recent years.


Executive summaryi

1.3 Scope of the report1

2.Geographic area at Malaysia2
2.1 Geographic Location2
2.2Climatic Conditions2

3.Impact of Malaysia’s History and Climate on its Cuisine3
3.1Impact of Malaysia’s History on its cuisine3
3.2Impact of Malaysia’s Climate on its cuisine3

4.Main ethnic and religious groups relevant to Malaysia4
4.1Ethnic groups in Malaysia and their main food types4
4.2Religious groups in Malaysia and their Dietary styles4

5.Main food commodities grown in Malaysia5

6.Main indigenous foods, flavours and ingredients in Malaysian Cuisine6

7.Main dishes indicative of Malaysian Cuisine7

8.Contribution of Malaysian cuisine to International Cuisine8
8.1Ingredients from Malaysian Cuisine used in International Cuisine8
8.2Malaysian Cuisine styles incorporated in International Cuisine8


List of references10


1. Authorisation

This report is authorized by Mr Andrew Summers, lecturer of Kitchen Operations 1, International College of Hotel Management (ICHM). This report serves to examine and discuss the information on Malaysian Cuisine and International Cuisine.

2. Limitations

A limitation or hindrance faced while creating this report is the lack of updated books available. Most books found were published 5 years or more ago, and this has influenced the research such that new trends in cuisine styles could not be researched on in depth....

Bibliography: (, September 2007)
Malaysia is divided into 2 separate geographic entities, namely West Malaysia and East Malaysia
Nonya cuisine, being a blend of Chinese and Malay cooking, uses a lot of chillies, shrimp paste, coconut milk and aromatic roots and leaves, while retaining the use of pork and noodles (Davidson 2006).
Since nobody lives far away from the coast or from rivers, fish is very much available, and is one of the highest consumed food commodities in Malaysia (Brissenden 1970).
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