Food Production in the Philippines

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Cordillera Administrative Region:

The region is the least populated region in the country despite its vast land area. Agriculture is a dominant sector in the region establishing itself as a top producer of upland vegetables and fruits. The region is the major producer/supplier of semi-temperate vegetables in the country which serves as main source of livelihood for 97,350 farmers.

Products: Cordillera is an agricultural region. The major products grown are rice, potato, cabbage, lettuce, cucumber, onion, tomato, banana, etc.

Mode of production:
• Vegetable Production
• Vegetable Production under Greenhouses
Marketing and Trading:
• trading Centers
• Cold-Chain
• Vegetable and fruit dehydration
• Pickling and canning

Autonomous Region of Muslim Mindanao

It has excellent agro-climatic conditions conducive to production of a wide range of agricultural crops. Soils are so fertile that yields of certain crops, like cassava, white corn and coffee are superior to those attained elsewhere.

Products: It is one of the country's top producers of fish and marine resources, particularly seaweed, which is used in some toothpastes, cosmetics and paints.

DOST-ARMM identifies and encourages projects utilizing new or improved technologies for implementation in the region. • Vinegar Making
• Product Packaging & Development
• Coconut Food Products
• Root Crop Based Processing
• Mushroom Culture & Spawn Production
• Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)
• Meat Processing Technology
• Fish Processing
• Fruit/fruit Juice Processing
• Banana Processing

3. Region XII

NATURAL RESOURCES AND PRODUCTS: Fishing is a major economic activity because of the rich fishing grounds of Iligan Bay, the Moro Gulf and the Celebes Sea. Its water resources include the Maria Cristina Falls, large and numerous rivers, lakes and streams.

ECONOMY: The major earners in the region are fishing, agriculture and forest- related products. are Some of the important products of the region. Coconut, pineapple, rubber, sugarcane, rice, corn, banana and other fruits are the main agricultural products.

Major Industries:
Coconut, fruit and vegetable contract growing, rice and corn Aquaculture: Milkfish(Bangus), Tilapia, and Prawns

Major Products
Agriculture: Copra, rice corn, fruits and vegetables, and sugarcane Aquaculture: Prawns, Milkfish(Bangus), Tilapia, catfish(hito) AGRICULTURE


1.Region VIII
Eastern Visayas

Eastern Visayas encompasses the two large islands of Leyte and Samar, the province of Biliran and several minor islands. This region is the eastern boundary of the Philippines.

Eastern Visayas is primarily an agricultural region with rice, abaca, corn, coconut, sugarcane and banana as major crops. Its total land area is 21,431.7 sq. kms. 52% of its total land area are classified as forestland and 48% as alienable and disposable land.

The region’s sea and inland waters are rich sources of salt and fresh water fish and other marine products. It is one of the fish exporting regions of the country.

1. Leyte had the highest number of farms in 2002
2. COCONUT is the dominant permanent crop
3. PALAY is the major temporary crop
4. Chicken and hog raising dominates the poultry and livestock raising activity, respectively Implications:
• From 2002 up to 2008, there has been a continuous increase in the production of palay.• However, a negative growth rate of value production in crops (at constant prices), -0.15 has been recorded by the NSCB in 2010.

Agricultural Situation as of June, 2011:
1. Crops: - Some areas in the southern part...
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