Food Knowledge and Tools and Equipments

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Knowledge about the different food classes is essential in culinary arts and food service business. a basic understanding of the chemical components of food, their characteristics, classifications and cookery principles greatly influence menu planning, purchasing receiving and storing of ingredients, food production, the serving of quality meals and costing.

1. Hand Tools and Small equipment

* Fine China Cap or Chinols
-Very fine meshed china cap used when great
clarity or smoothness is needed in a liquid.
-A chinois is a cone-shaped metal strainer with
a very fine mesh. A chinois is used for straining
stocks, sauces, soups and other items that need
to have a very smooth consistency.

* Pastry Wheel or Wheel Knife
* A round, rotating blade, plain or fluted with
a handle used to cut rolled-out dough, pastries
and baked pizza.
* A pastry wheel or pastry jagger is a handled
tool with a thin sharp wheel

* Wire Whip or Whisk
* A device with loops of stainless steel wire
fastened to a handle.

* Skimmer
* A perforated disk slightly cupped with a
long handle used to skim or remove surface
layers or fat, froth and scum from simmering
stock, sauce or soup, stew or jam, or used to
remove solid pieces from soups, stocks and
other liquids.

2. Thermometer
* An instrument to measure temperature essential for cooking, especially for determining meat, doneness for baking, for freezer, refrigerator, fat and sugar temperature and for ensuring defrosting and cooking in microwave ovens.

* Fat Thermometer and Candy Thermometer
* Determine temperatures of frying fats
and sugar syrups.
* Reads up to 400° F.

* Meat Thermometer
* A metal thermometer with the measuring
element in a sharp point and a circular
indicating dial, placed with its point in the
thick part of a joint to indicate its internal
temperature. It is inserted before cooking
and left in the product during cooking.

* Special Thermometers ( Oven, Refrigerator, and Freezer Thermometer ) * Used to test the accuracy of oven,
refrigerator and freezer thermostat.

* Instant-Read Thermometer
* Thermometer that gives reading within
a few seconds of being inserted in a
particular food item and reads from
0°F to 220° F. However, must not be left
in meats during roasting or they will
be damaged.

3. Pots and Pans
* Bain Marie Pan or Bain Marie Insert
* Tail cylindrical stainless steel containers
Used to store and hold food in water bath.

Sizes: 1-36 quarts or liters.

* Brazier
* A round, broad, shallow, heavy-duty pot
with straight sides used for browning,
braising, and stewing meats.

Sizes: 11-30 quarts or liters.

* Chafing Dish
* A small portable bain-marie used to
keep food warm for use at the table;
may be electric or alcohol burning.

* Cat Iron Skillet
* A very heavy, thick bottomed frying
pan used for pan-frying when a very
steady, even heat is needed.
* has excellent heat retention properties
and can be produced and formed with
a relatively low level of technology.

* Non-stick pans
* Pans known by various brand names
like Teflon and Silverstone, with very
slippery finish, but one that requires a
lot of care because it is easily scratched.
* are cooking pans made from or coated with
materials designed to prevent food from
sticking to their surface during the cooking process.
4. Knives
* Boning Knife
* A thin, pointed blade about 6 inches in
length used for boning raw meats and
* Stiff blades are used for heavier work
while flexible ones are used for lighter
work and filleting small to medium-sized

* Butcher Knife
* A heavy, broad, slightly curved blade
used for cutting,...
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