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Topics: Nutrition, Irritable bowel syndrome, Dietary fiber Pages: 3 (1002 words) Published: February 11, 2008
Fran Lebowitz once said, "Food is an important part of a balanced diet" (Moncur (Comp.)). Despite his cynicism, he makes a valid point. I frequently base my food consumption choices on taste then I rely on my multi-vitamin to supplement my poor food choices. Throughout this examination, the protein and fiber content of my food choices for one day will be thoroughly examined. Protein

Protein accounts for more than 50% of dry human body weight (Angheli). Therefore, protein is a vital part of our diet. On the day I kept a food journal, I consumed over four times the daily recommendation. The Center for Nutrition Policy and Promotion (CNPP) recommended I consume 46 grams in a day; however, I consumed 185 grams of protein. Decrease Protein Intake

Overconsumption can be just as unhealthy as under consumption. On this particular day I could have changed my diet to decrease my protein intake by not drinking so much milk, not eating the large order of French fries or twice baked potato and not eating the 10 ounce steak. Although this wouldn't decrease my protein intake to 46 grams, it would greatly reduce my protein intake on this particular day. Protein Enriched Foods Consumed

I consumed many foods which provided my body with protein. Some foods, such as the chicken sandwich and 10 ounce steak are obvious protein enriched food. However, I didn't realize some foods in my diet contained so much protein; for example, the 5 glasses of 2% milk consumed amounted to a startlingly 40 grams of protein, the two cups of peas contained 16 grams of protein, and the three cups of cereal contained six grams of protein. I didn't realize some foods I ate even contained protein. I consumed a large order of French fries which contained 5 grams of protein, 10 strawberries which contained 1 gram of protein and the twice stuffed baked potato which contained 10 grams of protein. Complete/Incomplete Proteins

My diet consisted of both complete and incomplete...
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