Food is Art

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Food Is Art

According to writer, Albert Camus, “Great works are often born on a street corner or in a restaurants revolving door.” A good restaurant should contain a luminous environment, delicious food, and have a friendly staff. Benihanas excels in all of these categories, which is what makes it such a great restaurant. Now let me tell you a few reasons why this restaurant is so good.

Benihanas has a beautiful environment from the exterior to the interior. When you first walk up you notice that the exterior always is well picked up and the bushes are always trimmed and the paint looks always new. There is a waiter waiting to open the doors for your entrance and direct you to the bar while you wait, that is if you need to be waited. The inside always has wiped down tables, fresh plates, and silverware that are neatly folded in a napkin. There is beautiful Japanese art like Samurai Soldiers, Straight 2

Buddha’s and cherry blossom plants that fill the walls. The restaurant makes you feel like you are relaxed, comfortable, and at peace. In addition to their great art and good environment, they have amazing food. The most interesting fact about Benihanas is that they cook on an amazing hibachi grill. They serve fried rice, filet minion, shrimp, scallops, and calamari all cooked to your taste. Dinner comes with a salad and onion soup as a side dish or sushi rolls if you choose to order them. The chefs, while cooking, perform countless tricks. One is known as the “egg roll”, which is when they spin the egg and make it roll down the spatula before they break it and add it to the rice. The other is the onion volcano were they stack the onion layers on top of one another and add oil to the inside and then the heat from the grill causes smoke to rise above the onion shaped volcano. Lastly the heart beat rice, they shape the rice into a heart and put their spatula underneath it and pump it as if the rice has a rapid heartbeat. The best part is seeing them cook right in front of you so you know the food is fresh, cooked right, and not tampered with.

That being said along with their amazing food they also have an amazing staff. Benihanas staff is wonderful and they have the friendliest individuals with great personalities that make your time there really fun and interesting. When you first walk in depending on what time you go of course, they greet you with the most welcoming of smiles. They have you seated and treat you with the utpmost respect and pay attention

Straight 3

to each detail to make sure you get the best satisfaction. The chefs entertain you the whole time by either making jokes or doing funny tricks to make sure everyone is having a good time, so they really interact with their guest to make you feel like you’re at home with a bunch of family and friends. The waitresses and waiters always make sure you are enjoying your meal as well. From a recent experience, I had dropped my pop on the floor, which to my dismay I was as a red as a siracha bottle. She told me it was ok which made me feel safe and less embarrassed. Benihanas is the best Japanese restaurant. Yes there are other hibachi grills but nothing compares to Benihanas. They have a wonderful, fun, and clean environment with amazing food and a wonderful staff. The chefs and waitresses always make sure your well taken care of and that you have a good time. This will always be a restaurant I want to go to, and I will always crave the hibachi grill. and iIf you don’t believe me, thean go see for yourself.

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