Food Intake

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Food Intake-3 Days
Viktorija Canevik-Alex
Sep 29, 2014
Mingyu Liang

Food Intake-3 Days
The purpose of this paper is to display and track the food selection we make and the way we eat impacts our lifestyle and health. This assignment addresses my individual food intake for the past three days. Also I will compare my food selection with my WileyPlus profile and discover whether I am retaining healthy eating habits. There are foods that an individual can eat in order to ensure that the daily required intake is being made. Most of the time it is hard for an individual to eat all the foods that it need to, so that it can utilize all the nutrients that the body needs in a day. I do need to exercise and modify my eating habits to. In my daily intake foods recorded that provided proteins were eggs and chicken. Food recorded in my daily intake that provided carbohydrates were bread, chicken, salad dressing, and bread. Food recorded in my daily intake that provided lipids were eggs, pizza, chicken, and salad dressing. Some of the foods listed were the same, and they also provide the three nutrients. My recorded average for intake carbohydrate, lipid, and protein compared to the suggestions of the DRI were not fully met. My usual recorded protein intake was 63g and the suggested intake was 77g, which was based on my body weight. My protein intake was within the acceptable macronutrient distribution range, but my usual recorded intake for carbohydrates was 286g, and suggested intake was 324g-468g (Jordan.T, 2011). My recorded intake of lipids was 87g, and the suggested was 64g-112g. My suggested intake for lipids was reach without over exceeding the suggested amount. I would have to eat foods with high protein like rice, chicken, and pasta in order to meet the recommendations because my protein intake was too small. Also, I would have to eat foods like grits, bread, and potatoes because my carbohydrate intake was smaller than suggested amount (Jordan.T, 2011). I don’t have to make any change for my lipid intake because my recorded intake was great and met the requirements of my DRI. The protein of every food that I have eat is finalized, this is essential because concluded proteins foods are considered high protein foods and they include important amino acids that are required in a process called protein synthesis (Jordan.T, 2011). I have over exceeded my suggested intake for lipids, carbohydrate, and protein in my DRI. Because I have a tough week and I was getting home late this numbers didn’t surprised me. My carbohydrates in my DRI was insufficient, this is why I would try to expand my consumption of foods high on carbs so I can bring it to suggested range. This foods will be sugar, bread, fruits, and potatoes. Macronutrients help the body in many ways, this is why it is essential to have macronutrient intake within the recommended range. Macronutrients provide cushion for the organs, help growth, aid in tissue repair, absorb vitamins, and provide calories and energy for the body. Too little or too many macronutrients can cause poor health or give you a range of diseases but too much protein can instigate some chronic diseases or make chronic diseases worse. Diseases that can be caused by too much protein are kidney stones, kidney failure, osteoporosis, and gout. In the individual diet too much fat can also cause disease when over-consumed, and too many carbohydrates can indicate to obesity and an increase in calories. Because of too little macronutrients individual can become susceptible to diseases, it can induce a person to develop anemia, dry...

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