Food Intake-3 Days

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Food Intake - 3 Days
Tia Wiggins
January 7, 2014
Professor Susan Fahrney MPH
Food Intake - 3 Days

For three days I had an assignment to do regarding my three day food intake on which I had to eat fast foods and record what my results were. I chose to document my food intakes, and it was very interesting to see what my report had revealed from my three days of eating. The foods that provided me with protein were chicken strips, chicken breast, a sausage link, chocolate chip cookies, macaroon cookies, cheeseburger, and baked fish. The foods that provided me with carbohydrates was bread from the cheeseburger, the coated breading on my chicken strips, penne pasta, broccoli, 2% milk, chocolate chip cookies, macaroon cookies, strawberry-banana yogurt, carrots and onion in my salad, and mocha creamer in my coffee. The foods that provided me with lipids were the butter I put on my broccoli, oil that was on my baked fish, the 2% milk that I had with my cookies, chicken strips, and chicken breast. My carbohydrates target was 130 grams, but for all three days I went over the recommended dietary reference intake. My protein target was 46 grams, and the first and third day shows that I went over what I was supposed to eat, but the second day I was under the target amount. My lipid target was between 20%-35%, and again the first and third day indicates that I went over the target amount. The second day shows that I was in the range for the amount of lipids needed. Since my carbohydrates and proteins were outside of the range, I probably would have removed the five pieces of chicken strips, the five chocolate chip cookies, the four macaroon cookies. The protein in the foods that I ate for three days shows I was complete and incomplete. On the first and third day I was over the total gram amounts needed, but on the second day I was under the total grams needed. For the second day I could have combined a bowl of rice and beans...

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