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Food Industry Today

By Karrenkaye Dec 20, 2010 362 Words
Food is a basic need and food service industry will always remain in demand. These industry includes restaurants, fast foods, cafeterias, catering opportunities, food carts, food trunks and the like.

Filipinos love to eat. This love for food and eating is the main reason why the food industry has flourished well in the Philippines and why you will see a lot of restaurants and fast foods scattered all over the country. These fast foods and restaurants can be local or international.

Filipino food is considered as a unique mixture of Eastern and Western cuisines that mirrors the history of the country. It includes dishes and cooking procedures from countries like China, Spain, Mexico and the United States. Even though Filipino food has been influenced by Eastern and Western countries, what makes it unique is the history, the society that introduced and adapted it and the people who accepted it into their homes and restaurants.

Filipinos are not just into good food but the total dining experience, good food is just a part of it. It is the way we feel when we are inside a fast food or restaurant. How it feels to dine out with family or friends or even when you're by yourself. When choosing a restaurant or a fast food, customers usually check for the cleanliness of the place, freshness of the food, guarded premises, enough parking area, the ambiance, design and landscape of the place, and for some restaurants, even the music. The physical and emotional response is a result of all these factors. These can make the whole dining experience even better.

---A recent study shows that due to economic crisis, customers or consumers think that when it comes to food shopping, preparing and dining. They are not for weight loss or just eating out at fancy restaurants but they choose what they eat for wellness. They want more nutrition for their money and are more conscious of it. A s recession hits, consumers are cutting back on visiting full service restaurants and prefers less expensive fast food joints or will go for value menus, budget packs or will take advantage of coupons and promotions.

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