Food Inc.

Topics: Food, Nutrition, Fast Food Nation Pages: 2 (660 words) Published: November 4, 2010
Carl Anderson
October 27th, 2010
RWS 280
America’s Food Crisis

Title, Film maker, Robert Kenner, Release Date, Target audience everyone, Main Claim

There has been little understanding and awareness of food in America until the film Food Inc., which helped show the basis of how food is produced, packaged and sold locally in our grocery stores. We have been made to believe that local stores carry a wide variety of foods in all areas, including meats, dairy and especially in the fast food industry. A typical grocery store has on average 47,000 products and has made us to believe that there is a wide variety of choices inside the grocery store (Food Inc Video). In today’s food industry most of the products are produced by only a few main companies which allow for cheaper foods in the stores. Because of this controversy it can allow me to further discuss the strategies of the food industry by summarizing the video and key points, how the food is produced, packaged and sold and showing the illusion of food labels of a vast variety that can ultimately prove how the food industry is becoming more corrupt. The current raw food production method has made a tremendous increase in our fast food companies since the 1950’s (Food Inc Video). In fact the production of our food has changed so much since the 1950’s, than the thousand years prior. The food industry which is controlled by only a few companies has turned the industry from the ordinary farmer, to the production of large quantities of food, feeding the nation at low costs, resulting in enormous profits for the producers. Because of this, health and safety of the food itself, how the animals are raised, the current method of workers being on assembly lines, and the consumer eating the food are now being overlooked by the companies and government; to provide cheap food regardless of the negative consequences. The reason for this innovation has been based on the advancement in science and technology...
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