Food Inc.

Topics: Meat, Chicken, Pork Pages: 2 (661 words) Published: May 14, 2010
When this movie started, I automatically rolled my eyes thinking of over dramatic vegetarian PETA advocates and animal lovers. I never understood the concept of not eating something and cutting out a whole food group just because people refuse to accept the cycle of life. These ignorant pre conceived notions were quickly forgotten once the first scene was of, Michael Pollan, who was a great contributor to this movie. He was shown at a diner, eating a juicy hamburger, which he claims is his favorite meal with a side of french-fries. Then, I realized, this movie is not about it being wrong to eat animals themselves, but how companies go about this process.

Throughout the movie there were different pictures that are stuck in my head. For example, the cow carcass’s lined up and especially the chickens being crammed together in a chicken house. Tysons and Perdu are the main companies they focused on who did not want the amenities of their chicken houses aired on this movie. One lady who owned one went against their wishes and the viewers got to see how they really get their chicken in stores. I was disgusted when I realized companies would rather do quick fixes rather then take time to solve a problem as a whole. For example, when feeding cow, they would rather feed them corn instead of grass because it is cheaper. When feeding a cow corn, it is more likely that they will create bacteria inside of them, which results in E-coli and contaminated meats. Any person would look at this situation and the answer is clear, to feed the cow grass. Yet meat companies would rather create a harmful substance that would stop them from getting E-coli when they eat corn. This is as far from organic as it gets. Another “quick” fix was within the idea that people enjoy white meat better on chicken then dark meat. So what idea did Perdu and Tysons come up with next? They decided to give these chickens a shot of chemicals that will make them gain more meat and be abnormally large....
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