Food for Thought

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Food for Thought
In this report, I will compare the two companies ‘The Real Meal Company’ and the ‘Speed King’ company. These two companies have presented different plans for new canteen arrangements, and I will analyse their arrangement proposals and offer my opinions.

Importance of Food Quality
Quality of food in schools is very important, because it pleases the pupils meaning more and more student will be urging their parents to pay to eat the school meals; which will also help the school to receive an increasing amount of funding consequently boosting the school’s economy and allowing the school to provide more rich quality food and educational equipment. In addition, the quality of food in schools is essential because if the food is of a high quality it provides nutrients to build the student’s cells including the brain cells which will help all student to become a capable of high work which will set the school to a high standard, especially during the period of exams. It will also motivate/boost student immunity system to be strong and tough resulting to a positive effect towards the students’ individual attendance and the schools overall attendance. However, if the quality of food is poor it can also affect the students’ response towards the food. The amount of students eating the schools’ meals will decrease which will have a huge effect on the school. Plus, students that cannot have a packed lunch, but have to have school meals and do not enjoy the food, because of the poor quality (for example the meat hasn’t been prepared to the expected level because it has been undercooked) can become very ill, affect their attendance and in the long run may affect their exam results. Overall the quality of food in schools can contribute to the well-being of student, and the impact it has on them, whether positive or negative.

The Quality of ‘Speed King’ company
The quality of Speed King’s food is of an average quality. The ‘Speed King’ company presents food such as sandwiches, fruit, yoghurt, and other snacks with the access to vending machines all day. They also offer the arrangements of one queue for all year groups. This particular arrangement may be frustrating for pupils who intend to buy something to eat because they would have to stand in line so long to reach the front of the queue and at times when they do reach the front of the queue, what they intended to buy may have sold out which annoys students. This could also prevent students from lining up completely. Other times, teachers may let their students out late to lunch, for one reason or another which will require them to line up towards the back of the lunch queue, whilst students who were let out early would be at the front of the line. On the other hand, the amount of time students have during lunch as a whole won’t be disrupted they would have an appropriate amount, not too long nor too short. The foods provided are not classified as ‘proper meal’ and may not appeal to all pupils, because pupils may want to have a proper meal depending on their individual circumstances. The food will also be very suitable for vegetarians or vegans who may feel uncomfortable with proper, cooked meals. Regarding the food, the food provided is of an average quality because the only foods they offer are snacks which is not good for students to be eating continuously everyday. The foods will not always fill the students making them to buy more which may lead to spending more money to fill themselves up. The idea of vending machines available all day to all students is a great idea, because it will help students who may not have had anything for breakfast, or are just not in the mood to eat something from the canteen. As well as those points, the vending machines can affect punctuality to lessons; because in between classes students may stop buy a snack from one, delaying them to their lessons especially if there is a whole line waiting to get something....
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