Food for the Mind, Body and Soul

Topics: Meaning of life / Pages: 3 (578 words) / Published: Feb 11th, 2011
Life is a word which is too ambiguous to be defined. One can experience true joy in life through cherishing each day and living it to the fullest. When life begins, many say it is the foundation of what will come next. My motto for life is to strive- to give my best in whatever I do. So at the end of my life I can proudly say I have accomplished and established a well reputation for myself. At this particular stage, my priorities are to achieve inner peace, succeed in both personal and school life, and learn to be more independent. I will continuously thrive to achieve my three goals by the end of my journey of life and hopefully gain a new persona.

Nevertheless, peace is sometimes known for compromise or silence. But, inner peace requires not only physical silence but in the mind, body and actions as well. For one to be at complete ease, they must free themselves from continuous movement and thoughts. It is a difficult task because many of us have hectic lives and are always busy doing something rather than having time for ourselves. By watching the people around me I have learned that I must set time aside everyday to just relax so I don’t feel over burdened and stressed. Stress reduces your life span and creates problems in your attitude and affects the people around you in a negative manner.

Social reputation has such high value in our society. To be someone is a competition that makes many lose sight on what is important. Eventually many put their family and life at stake for that specific position. Is that the true meaning of success, to be someone? If you do not enjoy your work or can’t keep up with your old relationships is that final outcome what you strived for? The competition in life never ends, but one must know where to stop. I too am in the run to be the best, but I have realized the meaning of balancing to only do what I am capable of. Working overtime will surely give me extra recognition but will not repay the time I have lost for the

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