food culture

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Task 1 b.
Relates to food culture, different nationality’s parents always have different opinions, they may feel their traditional food is better than the English food and more nutrient for the child, for example, Asian families prefer rice than bread. But Kiwi families more willing to eat potato for the main meal. Each country has their own religion, it always effects their normal life, for example, some parents only feed their child vegetable at home, because that is what their religion requires. New Zealand is a multi-culture country with lots of immigrants, therefore, there are so many people speak different language, such asTe Reo Maori, English, Chinese, Indian, Korean. The beliefs effect some families to treat their children differently, for example, they do not allow girls to be educated and have to stay home doing housework, they may do not even like girls. The factor of ethnicity, there are many families with more than one ethnicity in New Zealand, for example, there are some children have half Kiwi blood and half England blood in the centre. A parent may have disability in talking, therefore during parent-teacher interview, he can not tell his own opinion to others. Some famliies would have children when they are in middle age, but also there are lots of teenager paretns in society,which is relating to age. In the modern society, there are some families having parents with same gender, either woman with woman or man with man, rather than noraml nuclear family.

Task 1c
1. Family size was big in the early 1990s, because of the baby blip (Len Cook, 2009). Family structure are more likely to be extend famliy, all family memebers are really close and support each other and live close as well, but it has reduced in the afterwards, nuclear family was more popular for the society in south asia countries. Many immigration come the New Zealand, they increase the size of the population, also they mix their culture into local culture, also their family...
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