Food Coloring in Milk Lab Writeup

Topics: Milk, Color, Red Pages: 3 (897 words) Published: January 29, 2013
Aidan Collins
Nicholas Tostanoski
Collin Bailey
Nicole Stalford
Milk, Food color, and Dish soap Lab

Purpose/ Objective: The Purpose of this lab is to find out what happens when food coloring placed in different sorts of milks has dish soap (detergent) added to it. Our objective is to determine what the milk and colors will look like after adding the soap.

Hypothesis: After preforming the lab one time through, we are able to hypothesize about what could happen when we change different factors within the lab. I hypothesize that the lower content of fat in the milk, the less of a reaction we will see within the petri dish. The same goes for saying the less content of fat will cause less of a reaction within the milk.

Materials/ Equipment list:
* Milk (Skim, Whole, Half and Half)
* Food coloring (Blue, Yellow, Red)
* Dish soap or detergent (any brand)
* A Petri Dish
* Beaker
* Graduated cylinder
* Stopwatch (optional).

1. Pour approximately twenty (20) milliliters of milk, using the beaker and graduated cylinder, into the petri dish a. Start by filling the beaker about halfway full with the milk b. Pour the milk from the beaker into the graduated cylinder, so that the markings on the cylinder show that there are twenty (20) milliliters in the cylinder, where the markings line up with the meniscus. 2. Using the food coloring dropper, place one drop of each color into the milk, spaced out to form a triangle, with no two colors touching 3. Observe and record the information seen after two (2) minutes within the packet in the space provided 4. After recording what was seen in step three (3), proceed to place one (1) drop of detergent or dish soap in the center of the food coloring triangle 5. Record your observations from step four (4) inside the provided packet 6. Clean your materials used in the sink at your station

Note: Same steps were followed for Skim, Whole, and Half...
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