Food Chemistry

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Food Chemistry Journal
From raw food to brand label grocery.
Why Food Chemistry?
I am passionate about food, I love discovering new food, experimenting with taste, play with colors and learn the benefits and why our body needs certain nutrients. Before coming to college I did 2 years of full healthy dishes and read all over internet and books new ways to introduce new nutrients to my diet. During this 2 years I lost weight but except for that I felt clean from the inside, more energetic and happier moods. Coming to college was a huge gap leaving everything healthy which was a bit expensive to a budget college life eating in the food court.

This new change to me was a big change to my body too, harder to maintain my ideal weight and off-course the worst and important part lack of nutrient. This made me more interested in making my goal to major in Nutritionist and Food Chemistry. Because I think even how expensive eating healthier to get the most of nutritions can be, there is a way Colleges can start working towards it to present a healthier nutrient food court for student at a reasonable price. With all this planned in my mind I need to major first any learn many ways how it will be able to introduce such meal plan to Colleges.

A Nutritionist is a person who advice people how to build a good diet plan and what are the nutrition impacts on ones health. I think to be a good nutritionist is good to know the basic of nutrients. Where food come from? How they are processed? What nutrients are lost during the process of packaging? Why is it important to add perseverance to food? And like these, there are so many more questions.

Because of this interesting I have in majoring in these area, I choose to do my Biology Journal about Food Chemistry. Maybe soon this can also be the start of my goal plan in the future. Food Chemistry

Food Chemistry "Food Science" is the study of chemical processes and interactions of all components of biological and non-organic...
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