Food Chains and Webs

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Food Chains & Webs

Tuesday, January 17th 2006

Objective: To use a food chain/web to show food and energy flow in a given habitat.

Materials: Outdoor field trip equipment


•An aquatic habitat was visited (Friars Hill Pond).
•The surrounding vegetation was described.
•Organisms close to shore were observed.
•Observations of fourteen species and their food sources were recorded in the chart below.


Observations of Species and their food sources

SpeciesFood Sources
Beetle Lily/fern
MosquitoAnimal Blood
FishAlgae/pond weed
Lily Sunlight
Pond WeedSunlight


•The objective of using a food web/chain to show how food and energy flow in a given habitat, i.e. Friars Hill Pond, was met. Fourteen different species were closely examined and each had their source of energy. A food chain/web was made to show the linkage of energy and the producers and consumers of the habitat.


•The habitat I went to was an aquatic habitat. Its location is on Friars Hill.

Food Web of an aquatic habitat

Frog Dragonfly Lizard

Egret Mosquito

Fish Worms Snails Beetle Caterpillar

Algae Pond Weed Fern Lily

•The producers are the algae, pond weed, fern, and lily. This is because they, unlike the other organisms, get their energy directly from the sun, and the energy they get from the sun gets passed on to the rest of the food chain.

•Pair of...
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