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Unit Title: Food and Beverage Operations

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1.1Describe with examples, some of the characteristics of food production and food beverage service systems that is in use within the hospitality industry. The centralised Production System is the modern methods used in bringing together production and beverage activities in the hotel industry. Food that is centrally produced is easier to distribute to the point of service than for it to be produced in batches or separately. Centralised production system may be transported in a ready to serve state made e.g. hot or cold if it needs some form of regenerator for chilled or frozen food. The advantages of centralised production include, lower food cost and supply cost are lower In centralised production methods you need to employ a few staffs in the kitchen. The kitchen can also be operated in a cheaper location.

The disadvantage of the centralised production methods is if there is a case of food poison the effect will be more spread and can cost loss of business, these can affect the finances of the hotel. When food and beverage come in by centralised system, they were then distributed into different departments. Main Restaurant

A coffee shop
Chinese food shop
Fine restaurant
Is the Traditional Parties’ production system, this is a table service. Table service, where cook or chill are served
Table service, for Tradition Parties production.
Table service (British table service or French. Also Traditional Parties’ production.

Bars: are for drinks only

1.2For the systems discussed in 1.1, discuss factors that can affect recipes and menus.

These are factors affecting receipts and menus.

Guest religion and health, has remained a very important issues, religion of the guest and health restrictions Some people have allergy to e.g. crabs meat, protein,...
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