Food and Beverage

Topics: Culture, Catering, Cultural diversity Pages: 3 (978 words) Published: April 4, 2013

Today hospitality industry is changing all the time, Food and Beverage is one of the sectors that have a greater opportunity to grow and expand due to the changing needs. There is a constant need to change the services. Through my studies I learnt new information about the food and beverage and started to look the business (where I am working) on a different way, how and which kind of changes would be a good idea. It can be a good idea to use our ability to interpret what is happening around us in different situations and up to date our knowledge and skills to stay in business. The catering industry can be described as a service industry. The main function is to provide a quality service to the customers. It is a very large and varied business and I think everybody use it at some time. `If the hospitality industry is considered to cover all undertakings concerned with the provision of food, drink and accommodation away from home, this will naturally include all food and beverage outlets. In other words, food and beverage provision is simply one element of a broader hospitality industry`. (Davies, Lockwood, Pantelidis, Alcott, 2008) The business can be a small family run business or a large franchise company; people will decide which their favourite is. In the past years there were many changes and one of the main effects was the globalization. Companies had to make some changes to satisfy the customers ‘needs, as it was a bigger demand for eating-out facilities. People were required more and varied dishes and to achieve the needs, companies had to adapt modern techniques. They also had to look at the market, demographic, cultural backgrounds and in the same time they had to look at the competitors and the profitability of the business. I wish to mention the consumer`s willingness, how much they plan to pay for the available food. It can be a good idea to design the menu and price for a...
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