Food and Beverage

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Food and Beverage Operation Assignment
Task 1:(Assessment criteria 2.3, 3.2, 1.1, 1.4)
a)Describe the purchasing process of receiving and storing material including the equipment issue.

The control cycle of daily operation
Purchasing is the formal process of buying goods and services. It is important to determine yields from the range of commodities in use, which all determine the unit costs. Yield testing indicates the number of items or portion that can be obtained and helps to provide the information required for producing purchasing specifications. Yield testing should not be confused with product testing, which is concerned with the physical properties of the food texture, flavour and quality. Unless communication lines are set up to inform buyers of production needs and to inform other departments such as receiving clerks, accounting personal and others of orders and expected arrival times. Before is delivering, the supplier have to calculation of the amount of items and give a specific writing and include the delivering date. Furthermore, the purchase order should be signed by an authorised person. And the supplier and the purchaser have to have a receipt for each and one copy is normally held by the issuing it, one may go to the accounting department, and another to the receiving rooms. For some case, if anything goes wrong between the supplier and the purchaser, they can show the receipt to be there evident. Receiving

Receiving practices vary with different organisation. The general principles of control are: 1Check delivery note to see if the products delivered agree with it. 2 Inspect products/raw materials to determine if they are in agreement with the purchase order and specification.

3 Tag all meats with date of receipt, weight and other information needed to identify the delivery properly.

4 List all items received on the daily receiving report.

5 Accept the products/raw materials by signing the delivery note and returning the copy to delivery driver.

6 Store or deliver goods to the correct place.

In large organisation, receiving is hard duty job. This job may be combined with the storeroom job. Authority and responsibility must be given to the individual receiving. Storing
There are different kind of storing which to keep raw materials and other items. Also staffs who work in storing room must understand how to keep food that already cooked and raw materials in the right conditions and the right temperature. If staff isn’t expert to keep all these materials, it will waste it. And it will become a food poison when customers eat it.

b) Describe various methods of food preparation.
Elements of food production

There are seven stages of food production shows the types of foods in, the process and the foods out or presentation stages. This diagram is showing the way that the food is prepared, processed (cooked), stored and served.

c)With the reference to “Three system” of food and beverage operation, briefly review the food production and services systems of Sakae Sushi.

The three systems of food and beverage operations and their interrelationship (after Cousins 1988 and Lockwood 1994)

There are three systems in food and beverage operation such as customer process, service sequence, and food production. Customer process
The customer process involves emotional reactions, personal values and attitudes and shifting expectations, which are personal rather than technical in construction. Service sequence
The service sequence is about the service of staff how they are going toserve to customer. For example, when customer is coming, they have to be faster to take customer to the seating place, and take an order. In addition, the table must not have any dust and plate, spoon, fork, all these must be preparing first before customer arriving. Also after customer left, how they are going to clear the table.

Food production
The food production...

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