Food and Agricultural challenges

Topics: Agriculture, World population, Food security Pages: 26 (6967 words) Published: October 17, 2013

Main topic : “Food and Agriculture – Challenges” Research topic : “Food production and Consumption” Team members :
i. J.S.Anandhu Krishna [ leader ]
ii. S.Anjali [ convener ] iii. R.S.Athira
iv. A.N.Athithya
v. Balathiraviam
vi. Karansagar
vii. Sowbiya
viii. Reshma Sen
ix. Jinolin
Maroon team officials :
Team coordinator : Shri.L.Edwin Sam [ Social Scientist ]
Scientist : Er.P.Murugan [ Manager (Rtd.), ISRO, Mahendragiri ] Resource Person : Er.S.Murugan [ ISRO, Mahendragiri ] Doctor : Dr.K.Vijayakumar [ National President, IMA ] Counselor : Shri.P.Gopalan [ Administrative officer, Excel Central School ] Consultant : Er.L.Muthu [ Dy. Director, ISRO, Valiyamala (Rtd.) ] Guide Teacher : Ms.Shunmugha Priya [ Teaching Faculty, Excel Global School ] “Food Production and Consumption”

Contents :

I. Introduction
II. Objectives and Methodology
III. Food Production and Consumption trends in India
i. Food production trends
ii. Green Revolution
iii. Technological developments
iv. Disadvantages and Advantages of modern technologies
v. Food Consumption trends
vi. Country – Country variations
vii. Link between Production and Consumption
IV. Production, Procurement and Distribution constraints
i. Food production constraints
ii. Urban Market Facilities and Management
iii. Food retailing
iv. Markets : Hygiene, Health, Security and Environment
v. PDSs
V. Food Wastage
i. Food Wastage – an overview
ii. Food waste Management
iii. Love Food, Hate Waste
VI. Food preservation and Food Packaging
i. Food preservation – a brief overview
ii. Principles of Food Preservation
iii. Food preservation methods
iv. Food packaging
v. Value Addition
VII. Problems faced by Agriculturists and Farmers
i. Major problems faced by farmers / agriculturists
ii. Minor problems faced by farmers / agriculturists
iii. Remedial Steps : by the Government and other organizations

VIII. Modern technologies in Food and Agriculture
i. Technologies in Food preservation
IX. Environmental consequences
i. Consequences caused to the environment from agriculture
ii. Consequences caused to agriculture by the environment
X. Industrialization and Agriculture
i. Recent issues
ii. Balanced industrialization for the betterment of agriculture XI. Our role
i. Steps to be taken
XII. Conclusion
XIII. References

“Nurture Nature Ensure Secure Future”

I. Introduction :
“ Food is our body’s fuel and without fuel it will be shut down” Food is indeed the elixir of life. Food, presently, has become one amongst the most common and imperative needs of a living being along with shelter and clothing. In other words, it has befallen to be one of the most common needs of a living being. As people improved their standard of living, they resort to newer trend in food too. Food is now a factor that decides the status of a person. . When did the quest for food really begin ?

It is unanswerable. Probably, it may be since the emergence of the early man. The early man ate fruits and threw their seeds off. When they saw the seeds germinate into plants, they decided to start agriculture which at that time was just to raise seeds. This, happened about thousands of years ago and agriculture that took birth. As a result, this brought about great changes in the socio – economic condition of the Homo sapiens. It was one of the most remarkable incidents in the history...

Britannica Encyclopedia, F Series [ Food ]
Green technologies in food production, pg no: 149, 2012 edition; author: Joyce.I.Boye
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