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Topics: Advertising, Television advertisement, Nutrition Pages: 6 (1233 words) Published: April 26, 2015
Dylan Fonte
FTW 102
1 April 2013
Food Advertisers are the devil to our children?
The most successful companies use advertisements that are directed to get the attention of children.  TV Commercials are being seen by millions of children all over the world.  The average child watches 25,000 to 40,000commercials per year.  The marketers know what time to run these commercials, what kind of music or beats to include,what kind of actors to include and even what colors to have them dress in. It's all about targeting the buyer.  They want to lure in the buyer or the child that wants what they see and can't forget what they are seeing.  Children wait over and over just to see their favorite commercial. Then they become demanding once they are being shown a new item that they feel they must have.  It becomes frenzy for children as they keep seeing advertisements for something new that they must have and then insists to parents that it is a must that they get this item.  In some instances it could be dangerous to the child's well-being and for their health. Targeting children by using advertisements is wrong especially when it can cause health issues.  I believe that when advertisers

target children on television, it negatively affects their health and it is unethical.Big companies are usually the companies that are unhealthy and spend a lot of money on advertisings especially for children.

It starts at a young age, maybe 2 years old, sitting in front of the television watching your favorite cartoon and all of a sudden, it's commercial time!  McDonald's showing off the good old"Happy Meal" with a toy that you must have.  You start pestering your parents that you need to have McDonald's for dinner and want the green toy.  A few days later, you see the same commercial but you see they have your toy in other colors. All you are thinking of now is going every night for dinner at McDonald's and getting every color toy. You must have them all!  Your parents don't want to hear you cry, so they bring you there and sure enough you end up getting the toy in every color. The toy ends up not being the greatest toy like it looked like on TV.The commercial makes the toy looked so amazing, way more than it actually is.  The advertisement worked and it works everyday to young children. The problem here is these children are innocent victims and they are being subjected to unhealthy food.“If we can get parents and the food chains to create healthier eating habits to instill in young children at an earlier age, it will definitely impact their eating habits for life,” said Councilman Leroy Comrie (D-Queens). Since the happy meals are unhealthy it is negatively affecting the children because all the children want is the toy and their health is what is second in priority. They are the easiest targets for the marketing world because they do not look at the side-effects of their decision most parents will just buy whatever the child wants to stop the pestering. 

Meanwhile,the fast food chains are luring in the children with toys, fun food, free balloons or anything they can think of. The saga continues as children grow and when they become teenagers, it becomes quite expensive.  Now the items that are wanted after seeing them on a great commercial are not happy meal toys. The items are more expensive like cell phones, designer clothing, or anything else that catches the eye.  The automobile industry uses commercial advertisements showing cars and telling us why we should buy them while the car on the commercial is more expensive than the advertisement is saying.  The car cost is actually for a model with no extras. However, the car they show on the commercial is fully loaded and looks so good, you want it!  So, what happened here is the commercial makes you go to the dealer and inquire about the car and find out the cost of the car you saw on television is way more expensive. ...
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