Food Adultration

Topics: Adulterant, Impurity, Melamine Pages: 5 (1546 words) Published: March 19, 2011
What is Food Adulteration?
Public health is now fasing a major threat due to adulterated food. Food adulteration is the process of adding chemical substances with foods, which should not be contained within food and beverages. Adulterated Food is food that is generally unsafe, impure and toxic. Causes behind Food Adulteration

A section of dishonest businessmen is engaged in this illegal practice to make windfall profit. When profit in business is more important than morality, then it is possible to add the poisoning contents to the foods and beverages. They are making food items attractive by using chemical to draw consumer in good numbers. Chemical substances or adulterants may be added to reduce manufacturing costs, or for some deceptive or malicious purpose. Consumers, out of their ignorance, are buying and eating these foods and thus inviting various fatal diseases.

Which chemicals are added to foods and how the foods are adulterated Adulteretion is not limited to only foods served at hotels and restaurants.A wide range of essential commodities – such as fruits and vegetables are not left out of adulteration.unscrupulous traders spray a kind of chemical on these perishable goods to keep them freash for a long time. .Formalin has been used for the preservation of noodles, meat, fish etc. .All artificial colors are highly toxic such as copper, zinc or indigo-based green dyes, are added to soft and hard drinks, and in coloring sweets etc. .Cutting oil has been used for making milk. When milk is made by cutting oil, there is no chance to grow any kind of virus/bacteria.

Diseases Occurred By Adultrated Food
A limited number of people die without foods but large population have been suffering from complicated diseases related to food adulteration and finally die. It creates in the body violent coughing, headaches, Asthma, Bronchitis, allergies. It increases blood pressure, convulsions, miscarriage, hallucinations, dermatitis or inflammation of the skin (rashes),obesity ,kidney and liver damage ,eyes and nerve damages etc.It also creates tumours in the liver and bladder and finally cancer.

Present Situation In Bangladesh
It has been learnt that 95 % food items are adulterated being sold across the country specially the capital Dhaka and the whole nation particularly the children are effected by this adulteration. Bangladesh standard testing institute has recently launched a drive across the country to prevent these illegal practice of food adulteration.This organization has already identified some restauruants ,which were selling adulterated foods and being run in unhyginic imposed fine on them and in some cases,nabbed a good many restaurant qwners involved in ths illegal practice.but despite this drive,this social ill is yet to be removed.

Drive against Food Adulteration
Mobile courts realise Tk 4
lakh in fine

Four mobile courts against food adulteration on Wednesday raided ice cream factories, wholesaler’s, grocer’s, restaurants and department stores in Dhaka and fined them Tk 3,96,000. The courts jailed three persons and sealed off three ice cream factories at Narinda in Old Town. A mobile court, led by magistrate Rokon-ud-Doulah, raided the ice cream factories and sealed them off on charge of manufacturing products harmful for children

Mobile courts fine PQS,
Family Needs at Uttara

Four mobile courts against food adulteration on Tuesday conducted drives at two Uttara department stores, PQS and Family Needs Ltd, and some restaurants in Dhaka. The courts realised Tk 2.83 lakh, out of the fined amount of Tk 3.13 lakh, and filed 15 cases. A mobile court, led by magistrate Rokon-ud-Doulah, conducted dries at the PQS and the Family Needs Ltd. The court found rotten shrimp, fungus-infested Millennium ice cream and perfume brands such as Lexus Sport, Air Force, Winning Shot and Volcanic without manufacturing and expiry dates at the PQS....
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