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Food Safety Essay
Food is the most important element of human survival. Food contains essential nutrients the human body requires to intake. From vitamins to calories, just a few of the nutrients that make a body function. Without food there is no survival; however, the way food is processed in America today, Americans might as well be dead. Furthermore, unhealthy products flood America’s food supply. A vast majority of these products are highly processed foods. Highly processes foods are extremely dangerous to one’s health (Squires). Process foods cause severe harm to the human body and furthermore lead to illnesses such as obesity, diabetes, and high cholesterol. (Squires). The way Food is manufactured in America today causes numerous of illness and sometimes death. Therefore, the United States Food and Drug Administration must rigorously regulate the food industry to efficiently maintain the safety of food. There are three vital motives why the Food and Drug Administration must regulate the process of food. First, without stricter regulation, the quality of the livestock industry will steeply decline. Second, if not regulated, the high usage of high fructose corn syrup will continue to increase. Lastly, if the Food and Drug Administration does not regulate the process of food, the creation of genetically modified food will continue to occur. In all, the Food and Drug Administration must strictly regulate the livestock industry to preserve health of America. The United States Food and Drug Administration must rigorously regulate animal factories to effectively maintain the safety of meat. The Food and Drug Administration cannot allow animal factories to deliberately contaminant the food supply. By allowing existing methods to continue, it puts all consumers at great risk. Currently, animal factories utilize disgusting methods to minimize cost and maximize profit (They Eat What). These horrific methods consist of purposely distorting the nature of animal feed (They Eat What). The Union of Concerned Scientists published an article “They Eat What?” where they expose the animal factories of their horrific acts. The Union of Concerned Scientists state, “Many of the ingredients used in feed these days are not the kind of food the animals are designed by nature to eat”(They Eat What). This establishes that factories do what ever they desire; disregarding the fatal effects it can impose on animals let alone on human heath. Animals by nature are not supposed to consume the remains of the same species; however, factories continue to do so, as it maximizes profit by utilizing all parts on an animal (They Eat What). Diseased animals, same species meat, skin, blood, manure, and unhealthy portions of grain are all items consisting in animal feed (They Eat What). Furthering the argument, the Union of Concerned Scientists added. “Animal feed legally can contain rendered road kill, dead horses, and euthanized cats and dogs” (They Eat What). This low standard production of animal feed is simply repulsive. If the Food and Drug Administration do not enforce stricter regulations on the animal factories, only fatal side effects will follow. Serious human health concerns will steeply arise if this unacceptable method to nurture livestock continues. The outburst of Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy also known as mad cow disease is a great example. Mad cow disease is a transmissible form of brain damage that occurs when rendered cattle are fed back to cattle. (They Eat What). This disease is extremely dangerous as it can be spread to humans. Humans can obtain a form of mad cow disease by consuming meat products that carry the disease (They Eat What). The Food and Drug Administration have taken steps in banning any methods that lead to mad cow disease. However, their lack of effectiveness has created of loophole in the system and animal factories are taking full advantage. The Union of Concerned Scientists presented evidence exposing the...

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