Following Simple Directions

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Subj: Following Simple instructions

Following simple instructions is as simple as doing what you are told when your told and how you are told. However it is simple things like following simple instructions that keep you out of trouble and keep you alive in combat. When you are back on base and in an area where the threat of getting killed is rarely if at all present it is easy to take simple instructions as too much micro management or senior leaders just giving you a hard time for being a boot. However when you arrive in a place where the threat of death is a constant, simple instructions can keep u alive. For anyone coming to a new unit but especially a boot out of SOI staying out of trouble and making a good impression is very important. Following simple instructions is the best way to do that. If you just do what your told when you’re told then there is really nothing bad anyone can say to you. Even though you may not be the best at what you do an obvious effort to do everything the way you are being taught shows you strive to be the best. That goes a long way in making a good first impression of yourself to the marines that you will be serving with most likely for the next couple of years. Failing to do this as I have automatically puts a mark on you as irresponsible, which will be hardest to erase since it is a first impression. Although it sounds quite easy to do and in fact is, following simple instructions is something that young marines and boots especially seem to screw up the most. The concept is simple so it’s hard to understand how someone could mess it up. For the most part I do not believe it’s because they just said fuck it and don’t care, because although that is sometimes the case most of the time I have seen marines screw up they really do give a fuck. In my case using poor time management and not taking care of what I needed done right away thinking I would do it later ended up landing me in a bad spot. In combat waiting to the last...
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