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Topics: Question, Need to know, Life imprisonment Pages: 3 (855 words) Published: September 26, 2014
1st P.U.C, First Unit Test – August - 2014
Subject : English
Time: 1-30 Houre Marks: 50

I. Answer the Following questions in a word, a phrase or a sentence each: -1X9=09
1. What do you think the phrase, face of heaven, signifies?
2. What is the meaning of “Ethiope” ?
3. Name the commodities taxed in Monaco.
4. What was cost to hire a guillotine and an executioner from France ? 5. The death sentence was converted into life imprisonment because. a. Monaco had abolished death penalty.
b. Carrying out death sentence was expensive.
c. Monaco wanted to show mercy on the criminal.
6. Who, do you think, ‘Archer’ refers in the poem “On Children” ? 7. The real value of forest for women was
a. Timber from dead trees. B. Source of basic need.
c. Springs and streams.

8. What ideas of Tagore inspired the author to start the Earth University? 9. What prompted the UN to initiate a discussion on the rights of Mother Earth?

II. Answer any four of the following questions in a paragraph of 80-100 words. :-4X4=16

10. What similes does Romeo use to convey Juliet’s beauty and to what effect ? 11. Why was the murderer finally subjected to life imprisonment in, Too Dear ? 12. How does the writer bring out the importance of the earth Democracy in “Everything I Need to Know I Learned in the Forest? Explain. 13. The conservation of bio-diversity is the answer to the food and nutrition crisis. “Discuss”? 14. How does the prophet repack on children?

III. Answer any one the following of questions in about 200 words.6X1=06 15. How did Roeo and juliet express their implicit feelinfs for one another ?


How does Rabindranath Tagore highlight the importance of forest according to Vandana Shiva ?

IV. Read the following passage and anwer the questions set on it. 1X10=10 Half the world does not have enough to eat. Each year, as a result,...
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