Following Orders

Topics: Maintenance Pages: 2 (566 words) Published: December 19, 2011
PFC Hoskin, Wendy

A 500 word essaying on following orders.

What is the purpose of following orders or more relevantly why does a solider follow orders. Besides the obvious reasons of: avoiding getting yelled at, smoked or counseled. A solider follows orders to get the task at hand done. This ultimately leads to increased mission effectiveness and/or mission success. If a solider fails to accomplish an order, fails to follow an order or even out right refuses to listen to the order, any and all missions or tasks suffer. Such lack of discipline and negligence done repetitively will cause a mission to fail, and of course failure is not an option. Aside from the immediate impact on the mission or task at hand, it shows a gross amount of disrespect to your superiors, primarily the one issuing the order. As well as it shows the same disrespect to your peers; the ones working alongside you trying to complete the objective. Failure to obey an order is the quickest way to under mind the efforts put forth by your battle buddies, as well as degrade the work and progress they have already made. The army was built on order. To neglect an order completely violates that pinnacle point of the army and to deviate from it shows a massive amount of discipline at all levels. Now instead of repeating the effects and perceptions of failing to follow an order, here is some exposer to a real world example. In fact the best example is the vary situation at hand. The catalyst to this essay. A solider (myself) came across the problem of being overzealous and preemptively logging out the hours of a dispatch particularly the electrical power plant’s dispatch, Of which had not properly received the preventive maintenance checks and services that it required for the day. This action demanded a correction, and with limited time before an evaluation occurred (which ultimate ruled out correcting this dilemma with the proper answer – which of course is to proper...
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