Following Directions

Topics: Army, Military, United States Army Pages: 1 (267 words) Published: November 1, 2010
Perhaps one of the biggest blocks of foundation for the military is the ability to lead and follow orders. Without the will to follow, soldiers would do as they will, not what they are told to do. When people are told what they need to do it is usually by someone that has experience in whatever field they may be in, if they fail to follow those simple orders given to them chaos can erupt by lack of communication and possibly failure to get the mission done. The US army is one of the oldest groups in America it has survived through countless wars and many times of hardship and still prevailed. I have a suspicion that our military is more organized and capable of listening to direction. I can say first hand that police and paramilitary groups put a huge emphasis on following directions and orders. And for good reason! If people were to suddenly stop listening to the rules mass chaos and anarchy would break out, no one would care who said what. All the current laws are in place to help keep the honest population safe, without anyone listening to them the people who already break the rules would become bolder and cause a lot of harm and hurt to those citizens who are inherently “good”. If there was no speed limit people would go whatever they felt like making all sorts of accidents and causing chaos wherever they drove. That scenario goes to show that even the simple low level rules are still needed and without them the population would become chaotic.
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