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Following Direction

By Malalag13 Feb 11, 2014 258 Words
Following Directions Exercise

Read every item carefully before beginning this exercise.

1. Get a one – whole sheet of paper. Use your paper in answering the questions. 2. If you were one year older, what would be the year you were born? _____________________________ 3. Give directions from this classroom to the library.

4. Add together the ages of all the students in this class. The sum is ________________. 5. Exchange this paper with a person sitting next to you. Turn their paper over and put a large check mark on the back. Then exchange papers to get yours back. 6. List the members of your family from oldest to youngest.

______________________ ________________________
______________________ ________________________
______________________ ________________________
7. If you traveled east from our town without changing direction, you would arrive at which ocean? 8. Rewrite the following sentence correctly:
Why is it so improtant to follow dirrecttions carefully
9. Write your answer to number 7 here: __________________
10. Do not answer numbers 1-8 on this exercise. Complete only number 10. 11.Write your name and today’s date in the top right corner of this exercise, and turn it in to your teacher.

  a. How did you feel when you discovered the "trick"? 
     b. What did you learn from the activity? 
     c. How do you feel about tests? 
     d. What happens to you before and during a test? 
     e. How do you get ready for tests? 
     f. What are some reasons for having tests? 
     g. How did the noise/outbursts affect your concentration?       h. What other times would it be important to carefully read directions first?       i. What could be a consequence for not following directions on tests, assignments, or otherwise?

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