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Folk Culture vs. Pop Culture

By luvleen Jan 11, 2011 408 Words
Luvleen Singh
Period 4
Folk VS Pop Culture Outline

Preliminary Questions 1

Some differences between pop and folk culture include fashion and clothes. For example, in pop culture, new fashions change constantly and are influenced by the media and celebrities whereas in folk culture, clothing styles are passed down by generation to generation. Another difference is the way they are diffused; Pop culture is spread by hierarchal diffusion whilst in folk culture, they hinder new and mainstream trends from coming in. Finally, another difference is that in folk culture, the people are unique and are distinguished while in pop culture are into the same sorts of things and are interconnected whether it be on a national or global scale.

Folk culture is diffused by relocation diffusion whereas pop culture is diffused by hierarchal diffusion.

Some examples of folk and popular sport activities are:
Folk – Lacrosse, archery, and horseback riding.
Popular – Football, basketball, and bowling.

Preliminary Questions 2

The physical environment affects a region’s culture by the crops that are able to be grown. For instance, potatoes are very important to Irish culture and are grown predominantly in Ireland.

Some examples of folk and popular foods are:
Folk – Baklava (Turkish), borsche (Russian), haggis (English), tripe (English), couscous (Greek), and curry (Indian). Popular – Hamburgers, French fries, BBQ, hot dogs, sub sandwiches, and soda.

Some foods are taboo because some people abstain from for religious, cultural or hygienic reasons. 

Some examples of folk housing include New England, two chimney, salt box, Cape Cod, and front gable and wing housing styles.

Building material and design are related to the physical environment by the resources available and the climate. For example, in climates with a lot of snow, roofs are going to be steep. Preliminary Questions 3

Popular culture affected our landscapes by people wanting more attention-grabbing, large homes. An example of this would be Californian style homes.

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