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FOCUS ON THE LEARNER 750-1000 words

For this assignment you are going to write a report on a student in the TP class you are teaching now. As a practicing teacher, you will at times have to write reports on students for various reasons, e.g. passing on information to a colleague, providing information for a student’s employer, etc.

The report should be based on the following:

1. Refer to the observation tasks which have helped you focus on various concrete aspects of the student’s performance 2. Refer to brief interviews you conducted with your student, done in your own time 3. Any written work you have collected and marked from the student. 4. Any additional materials you have provided for the learner to work on – do not forget to attribute them.

Your reference to the learning styles will be based on your observations of the way the learner reacts to different class room activities and different types of lessons. You can refer to handouts you will be given in the Learning Styles session in week 1.

We are looking for evidence of the following:

Successful candidates can demonstrate their learning by:
* An awareness of how learners’ backgrounds, previous learning experience, motivation and learning styles affect learning * Identification of the learners’ language skills and needs * Correct use of terminology relating to the description of language systems * Selecting appropriate material and resources to aid the learners’ language development * Provide a rationale for using specific activities with learners * Finding selecting and referencing information from one or more sources using written language that is clear, accurate and appropriate to the task.

Student’s name: Yelitza___________________________

Student’s level: _Pre-Intermediate___________________________________

An account of the student’s background and learning experience with particular regard to learning English| Yelitza is from Venezuela and has lived there all her life. She attended school inthe city of Caracas. She has been learning English for the last 6 years and displays a strong and confident ability in the use of the English language within the classroom. The first 5 years of her learning were in spent in Venezuela and she has been learning in Ireland for the last year. | The student’s reasons / motivation for learning English and their needs in English| Yelitza decided to learn English for personal and professional reasons. She has mostly intrinsic motivations for learning English. She saw English as a useful language for travel and also for the enjoyment of personal development . Yelitza has shown a need for developing her pronunciation and also some grammar. | The student’s preferred learning style and the reasons for this. The activities which the student enjoys most and benefits from in class| I interviewed Yelitza and asked her some questions according to the“Jim Wingate, Learning Preferences” Survey. Yelitza prefers to learn by visual and kinesthetic methods. She thrives in role-play situations where the learner’s are enabled to move around the room and have natural conversations.According to the Teaching Intelligently: Learner skills and Activities ChartYelitza shows traits of the bodily Kinaesthetic and the Interpersonal IntelligenceShe is an active learner and engages enthusiastically in tasks set.| Details of the student’s strengths and weaknesses in each of the following areas:a)Skills (reading writing, listening speaking)b)Grammatical ability and accuracyc)Pronunciationd)Range of vocabulary and fluencyPlease refer to specific examples noted from observations and interview with student.| A)Skills Reading:Yelitza displayed strong reading skills in the class. She was confident when given reading tasks. She is confident in her abilities toread in both personal reading tasks and read aloud tasks.During class I noticed that...
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