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Assignment 1, Part B: Focus Group
To define the current demand for hemp from the environmentally conscious consumers in North America

Focus Group Objectives
My focus group was conducted to define the current demand for hemp from the environmentally conscious consumers in North America. The focus group discussed their insights regarding paper and hemp paper, as well as their opinions of what classified a consumer as being environmentally friendly. This would give me insights on how to conduct my future general consumer survey so that the results gathered from the survey could be as unbiased as possible. Method and Procedures

My focus group consisted of five members: Peter, Jovi, John, Melissa and Mirae. The group members were all either already previously knowledgeable regarding hemp or had basic knowledge of the product. Everyone participating in the group had to be well educated, and capable of providing useful feedback regarding hemp products. The other requirements of focus group eligibility was that they had to say “yes” to considering themselves as being environmentally friendly, since marketing research problem targets environmentally friendly consumers. The focus group was held in Peter’s and John’s apartment, which was the most convenient and comfortable location for all the participants. Free pizza was used as an incentive to attract the participants to arrive on June 13th, 2013, at 6:00 pm.

Discussion Guide
Preamble. (5 minutes)
Discuss Nature of Focus Group
Explain audio recording
Explain hemp’s history
Introduction. (5 minutes)
How often would you say you use any given paper product? In the Office? At home?

What do you generally use paper for?

How would you describe paper in two words? why?

Explore. (5 minutes)

If paper ceased to be available, could we effectively work without it?

How we could use paper more effectively/different ways?

Knowledge. (5 minutes)

Name some reasons why people chose to buy Paper products over other products (the internet).

Selection process. (5 minutes)

How do you select which paper product you are going to buy?

How could paper be improved as a product right now?

Environment. (15 min)

On a scale of 1-5, how environmentally conscious would you say you are? 5 being very consciences.

What would you consider to be an environmentally friendly consumer? (Than explain Greendex’s definition).

What is your current knowledge about Paper and it’s effect on the environment? (Include Production). Hemp?

What do you think are the biggest misconceptions regarding hemp and the environment?

Selection. (5 minutes)

Knowing what you now know regarding Hemp, would that encourage you to buy hemp over other paper products? Why?

Explore. (15 minutes)

How do you see Paper in the future?

Think of a funny/crazy/any marketing technique which would encourage you to buy paper.

Group Members


Transportation Engineer

26 years old

Environmentally friendly pros: No car, buys reusable products


Drug and Alcohol Interventionist

24 years old

Environmentally friendly pros: No car, becomes informed regarding a product before purchasing.


French Teacher / Student

22 years old

Environmentally friendly pros: Composts, volunteers for environmentally sustainable projects.



27 years old

Environmentally friendly pros: Provides carpooling services, bikes, short showers


Commercial Mortgage Finance / iPhone application developer

27 years old

Environmentally friendly pros: Rarely drives, doesn’t use paper often, turns off lights when not in use.

Summary of Findings
Paper Experience.
To begin the focus group, I asked members of the group to share their current daily paper usage during a regular work day. Mirae, an accountant, reported using up to 300 sheets of paper in a work day while Jovi reported using about 150 sheets...

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