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Language and identity
Language and identity, this is the subject I have chosen to do my written task about, because it is a very broad subject and it took most of my interest. I think language really identifies you and therefore influences the way people see you or treat you. That is why I came up with the idea to do my written task about job chances in relation to language. I wanted to know if having an accent would influence people’s chances on getting a job. Orange is the new black

I came up with the idea when I was watching an episode of the series ‘Orange is the new black’. Orange is the new black is a series about a female prison, this prison shows a variety of characters from different backgrounds, and all with a different accent. In the episode I was watching, there was a mock job fair organized in the prison. First the prisoners had to ‘dress to impress’, so from secondhand clothing they had to choose an outfit that would be best for a job interview (you can see a picture of that here). And next they would do a practice job interview in which they got tips to use their language to impress. The prisoner who gave the best impression would win. Hearing those prisoners do this job interview I realized that language is actually really important in such interviews. Because by speaking someone can immediately hear where your come from, if you are well educated and if you are really motivated to do the job. Researches

There have actually been some researches about the matter if an accent influences your chances on getting a job. So do accents really make a difference when it comes to employers deciding who to pick? According to recent surveys, it does. Actually, eight in ten employers admit to making discriminating decisions based on regional or foreign accents. Even though a professional tries not to let an accent get in the way of hiring decisions, subtle emotions can come into play or you can even judge someone on their accent unconsciously. Those...
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