Flying machine

Topics: Leonardo da Vinci, Painting, Leonardo da Vinci's personal life Pages: 1 (377 words) Published: October 10, 2013
The Flying Machine

Leonardo Da Vinci invented the Flying Machine in1480. He started thinking about this invention when he was a boy. He also made an design it was called Ornithopter Flying Machine it never even appeared to come true. He started off drawings on a piece of paper. He was a painter that was done about when he was going to die. He used to have a paint job of doing paintwork. When Leonardo made the Flying Machine with floss, it worked better. He took 25 years building and maing the wings, he looked at bat wings and got inspired by the wings, and that’s how it ended up. Just like bat wings for his Flying Machine that he made. Then he made a drawing and craft of the the poilet phone and frame. He also got inspired by other animals that have wings such as , birds, bats, parrots ,and other animals. He had many areas to study for the Flying Machine. It is diffulict to understand why it is so weird.

Why it is weird, because the wings look just like bat wings and I have never saw a Flying Machine have those type of wings. And another thing that’s pretty weird that there is like triangles for the holders to fly it. Those were some reasons why I think this invention he created is weird. The things that are really cool about his invention , He got the wings looking just like the bats wings. And he got inspired by animal wings and he used also floss for his invention. Another reason is because That he was like the first one to think of something like this and he thought of this when he was a boy!! These were the reasons that this invention he made was very cool and nice. Leonardo Da Vinci is a really cool at inventions but weird at the same time, but some of his artwork weren’t accomplished and I bet her really wanted it to work but it didn’t he had to try a lot of ways to get the inventions to work, but he never quit and you should check out more of his inventions. This invention I have talked about was the Flying Machine.
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