Flying Cars

Topics: Internal combustion engine, Technology, Nature Pages: 2 (679 words) Published: November 12, 2006
Technology and Science

Science and technology have much in common but they are not exactly the same thing. Science deals with the natural world and how it works. It is the understanding of our environment and how it works. It is also the study of the laws that govern our universe. Technology on the other hand deals with the human made world. In other words it is applied science to everyday life. It is the study of ways people develop and use technical means. Tools and machines are examples of good technologies which help us do things quicker and easier. In short, science deals with ‘understanding' and technology deals with ‘doing'.

Ever since humans have evolved on this planet they have tried to understand their environment. They have tried to make their lives easier to live with less effort for everyday life. The greatest drive for gain in scientific knowledge is to make a better future and make life easier. Knowing how living organisms work would allow us to heal ourselves or to make us stronger or healthier. Knowing how the physical world works would allow us to make machines and tools that would help us in everyday life. Knowing how something works will allow you to make a technology for that field and would open new doors to newer technologies. This is why people are driven to know more about science, to make better technology.

The flying car would revolutionize the world and change normal living behaviors. With the advancing technologies that are emerging today flying cars are just around the corner. Within the next 10 years flying cars will hit the sky and be sold on a normal basis. New technologies such as fuel cells will make the flying car much more practical due to the fact that they will require a great deal of energy to operate.

At first when the premiering sky car takes off to the market it will cost about that of an exotic sports car. Like always new technologies are always expensive because they have yet not mastered the...
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