fly in the ointment

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The Fly in the Ointment


vV.S. Pritchett (16 December 1900 – 20 March 1997) was a British writer. He was very well known for his short stories that were collected in number of volumes

Tone & Mood

Tone: Realistic, pessimistic

Mood: Sad, desolate


The background is about a son who wants to help his dad that has just gone bankrupt. vEverything from the factory was taken away by the creditors, however there is a sign outside the factory which is freshly painted and the brass plaque outside the office is shining.


There are only two characters in the story:
-Harold has no illusions about his father.
-Made his life somewhere else though he doesn´t have much money -Feels he should help his father.
-Trusts his father despite he is aware of his wheeling-dealing ways. -Not helping him makes him feel mean and disloyal.
Harold´s Father:
-Mixture of bravado and weakness.
-Shifty, boastful and dishonest.
-He never misses an opportunity to deride his son’s position in life by making negative comments.


-The fly in the ointment is about a son, Harold who is worried about his father that has gone bankrupt, his father has worked for many years and he was expecting him to be in a very bad state as he had last seen, but then he sees him very optimistic about his situation. - They then talk and the son gets to see his father’s two faces, one good and a bad one. In the end the father decides to give up and live without money. In the end the son offers him some money and the father rapidly acce


-Harold wants to help his dad that was bankrupt
-They chat for a while and the dad tells him how if he wasn’t optimistic he would’ve already been dead -The dad decides to give up on money and live without it
-The son offers his father some money and he accepts

Literary Devices Used

-There is some foreshadowing when...
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