Fly Away Peter Analysis

Topics: Bird, David Malouf, Death Pages: 2 (928 words) Published: November 15, 2012
"How Does David Malouf Use Partnerships to Convey Thematic Concerns?" In the book Fly Away Peter by David Malouf, the author has used partnerships as a consistent theme throughout the book to convey his views on life, continuity and change. In the beginning of the book we are introduced to the main character, Jim. Jim lives in Queensland on a property he describes as paradise where he watches birds. His main focus in life is watching and writing down information on the different bird species he sees in 'the book'. Jim can be described as naive because of his narrow minded views and inability to accept change. He likes things to be constant and remain the same and he dislikes anomalies. This is why he is bothered when he encounters a bi-plane flying over his paradise, Jim does not see it as natural and according to him it should not be sharing the skies with the birds. Things start to change for Jim when his friend Ashley Crowther makes Jim go in the bi-plane for an aerial view of the property, Jim does not see the point as it only confirms what he already knew. He then becomes associated with Immogen Harcourt while observing a bird he had never seen before, the Dunlin. The Dunlin is a sign that things are about to change for Jim. Immogen tells Jim the Dunlin is a very common bird in England where she is from; Jim develops an immediate liking for her. The events in the book have so far been building up Jim's innocence and creating a set of views and character traits that will be partnered with the contrast of events in the second half of the book. When news of the war reaches the shores of Queensland, there is a mad rush to join the army and Jim becomes swept up in the pandemonium and joins with Ashley. His father is happy that Jim is signing up as he believes it will make Jim into a man; however Jim does not care about his opinion as the two are stark contrasts of each other. Jims journey from innocence to experience begins that night when he loses his innocence...
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