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1.      FLY-ASH Bricks are eco friendly as it protects environment though Conservation of top soil and utilization of waste products of coal or lignite based Thermal Power Plants. 2.      It plays a vital role in the abetment of carbon-die-oxide a harmful green house gas mass emission of which is threatening to throw the earth’s atmosphere out of balance. 3.      It is three times stronger then the conventional burnt clay bricks. 4.      Its size of 250 x120 x 75 mm is derived from the modular concept giving perfect finish to both faces, whereby up to 30%cement mortar can be saved during laying and plastering thus reducing the cost of construction. 5.      As no clay is used in the manufacture of FLY-ASH Bricks the scope of efflorescence is negligible. 6.      It continues gaining strength on watering ever after installation. 7.      Loss-due to breakage under standard working condition is less then one percent. 8.      Use of FLY-ash Bricks results in 100RFT -8.33sq ft each side, which enhances valuation of built up property. 9.      Fly-Ash Bricks is lighter than the conventional clay bricks as it weight around 3 to 3.2 Kgs per bricks   .   The basic chemistry and technology based on which FLY-ASH Bricks is manufactured has been successfully applied in major construction project across the globe ,  namely:-

a)      Akashi Kaikyo Bridge          Japan
b)      Hungry House Dam             USA
c)      Euro Tunnel                         United Kingdom/ France                                                                                                                                                          .   FLY-Ash Bricks are cheaper than ordinary “First class Clay Brick” and cost affective in use and environment friendly.

Comparison between Clay brick and Fly ash Brick
Fly Ash Brick
Clay Brick
Uniform pleasing colour like cement
Varying colour as per soil
Uniform in shape and smooth in finish
Uneven shape as hand made
Dense composition
Lightly bonded
No plastering required
Plastering required
Lighter in weight
Heavier in weight
Compressive strength is around 100 Kg/Cm2
Compressive strength is around 35 Kg/Cm2
Less porous
More porous
Thermal conductivity
0.90-1.05 W/m2 ºC
Thermal conductivity
1.25 – 1.35 W/m2 ºC
Water absorption 6-12%
Water absorption 20-25%

The central and state Governments are greatly concerned about top soil erosion towards production of massive quantities of bricks, in the background of enormous housing needs. The ministry of power, Government of India, issued circulars to all concerned department and organizations to promote the use of fly-ash in the production of building materials by offering several incentives. In spite of that, entrepreneurial activity suffered due to existing mental barrier amongst user and reluctance of the brick industry at largo to shift from the use of clay fly ash. However, on 22.05.1998, the Ministry of Environment and Forests mooted a proposal to ban the excavation of top soil within a radius of 50 km. From coal or lignite based thermal power plants through a draft notification. Since then, lot of new units using fly-ash for the production of building materials are coming up, which should spur the demand for Fal-G bricks/blocks in the days ahead. In the direction, the envisaged project has already received favourable response from the Hon’ble secretary (C&SSI) Govt. of west Bengal towards removing the marketing bottlenecks.

Fly Ash Bricks Market Survey and Analysis

In  this  present era of changing habits and fancy, the problem of disposal of finished product at the doorstep of costumers  in time and in manner liked by them, a manufacturing organisation obviously confront with an apprehension, communication gap, rather a lacuna, for selling products. The present market trend involving demand & supply gap , and the generation of  future demand need well...
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