FLVS Project Milestone Skill related fitness

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Project Milestone: Skill Related Fitness.

AgilityTake three cones and set them up so they are each 100 feet apart.
Label them one, two, and three.
Start at one and then run to two as fast as you can. Touch
cone two and run back to cone one and touch cone one;
then run to cone three and touch cone three and run back
to cone one.
Repeat this multiple time and when you feel you’re ready
for more of a challenge, move them farther back 50 feet at
a time.

Coordination Power Reaction Time
Speed BalanceStand on a straight line thats around 100 feet long. You can find this on a sidewalk, street, or you can draw one
with chalk. Stand on the tips of your toes, and put you
arms out on the side of your body and walk forward. Try to
stay perfectly on the line. Start going faster and faster and train yourself to balance.

Reaction TimeStart doing jumping jacks. Have music playing in the back ground and someone in the room who has control of the
music. Turn your back to them and start doing the jumping
jacks. When they stop the music, stop in mid-action. If you
move, than retry. If you stop then try to improve your time.

SpeedRun half a mile each day for a week. Set a goal, how fast do you want to do the half mile? Try to improve your time
by the end of the week. If you hit your goal or close to it, then do a mile and do the same thing.

PowerFind a hill or walking trail near you. Make sure its very steep. Each day do ten jogs up and down the hill. Make
sure that you time yourself and you try to increase your
time and build more stamina.

CoordinationTake a tennis racket, a tennis ball, and a wall with no windows and play wall ball. Wall ball is a game where you
hit the tennis ball with you racket towards the wall and
when it comes back to you, you hit it again and so on and
so forth.

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