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Topics: Martin Luther King, Jr., African American, Memphis, Tennessee Pages: 3 (820 words) Published: April 8, 2014
Alexandra Quintero
Martin Luther King Jr. was murderer by a man who people never thought could do a crime like that because of his social class.People speculated that it was a bigger and better power that helpd him get money to kill King.. Organizations like the KKK could had been the influence that helpd Ray persue the urge of murdering King. People chose persecute only by their impulse and not by their right state of mine. During that time they never question who has help or even if he was set up. Have you ever heard about suicide boomers, those people take their life for an idea and believes they have. Ray had an idea of black men not belonging mix in with the other people (society). Having the believe that people brain washed him to kill Martin. It all began at 6:01pm on Thursday, April 4 1968, in Memphis ,Tenessee while King was standing on the motel’s balcony on the second floor. He was shoot by a single 30-06 bullet fired from a Renington 760 Gamemaster. The shoot came from a building infront of the motel . During thate time King went to Memphis in support of striking African Americans santation workers. The African American’s were protesting uneaqual wages and working conditions . at the time, Memphis paid black workers significantly lower wages than whites. Memphis was a real bad place to black back then the whites were very races towereds them. The civil rights movement was all over the place , also segrgation was going on blacks couldn’t go in white only shops and other places. In those times Memphis was a growing city a music industry was emurging public facilites were opening everywhere . it was becoming an industrial city . it was the era of change all over the world . India was becoming a nation again because og Gondi and his non-violent ways .

James Earl Ray was a common criminal who was in and out of trouble with authorities for many years .Ray helped a man named “Raul” smuggle unknown objects into the U.S. from Canadian...
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