Fluoridation and Water

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The Fluoride Myths!

"How does the government help big industry get rid of millions of tons of toxic waste?

Easy. They add it to your drinking water!"

"I'm going to tell you the terrible truth behind the fluoride myth - and show you the most effective, economical way to protect yourself and your family from its potentially harmful effects."

Everyone knows that fluoride is good for you. I mean, we've been told our whole lives that it prevents tooth decay, haven't we? Heck, that's the reason the government fluoridates nearly all the public water in this country, right? Wrong.

Make sure you're sitting down as you read this, folks, because the real reason the government treats our drinking water with fluoride is absolutely horrifying. The far-reaching health consequences of fluoride ingestion are, too (and that's not to mention the chlorine, lead, sediment, and single-celled parasites that are in most public water). Keep reading to discover just what you're up against.

As if lead, chlorine and parasites aren't enough to
contend with, they're adding
rat poison to your tap water, too...

Fluoride was one of the most common pollutants to emerge from America's industrial revolution, and its deadly toxicity was immediately recognized. In that era, both air and water-borne fluoride poisoned plants, animals, and people by the thousand. A by-product of copper, iron and aluminum manufacturing, fluoride could only be legally disposed of by selling it for use as an insecticide and a rat poison.1

The problem was that there weren't enough rats and bugs in the whole country to exhaust even a fraction of the supply of fluoride. This presented serious problems for public health - problems the government would be forced to contend with at the expense of a roaring industrial economy. So when a connection was made in the 1930s between fluoridated water and the prevention of tooth decay, both government and big business were euphoric...

It didn't seem to matter to anyone that the findings were from a study funded by one of the nation's biggest aluminum manufacturers!

What's the government's solution to pollution? Dilution.

Once this sham research "proved" that small amounts of fluoride were safe - even beneficial - public water fluoridation became an instant solution to the fluoride over-supply, not to mention the threat of costly fluoride-poisoning lawsuits, government regulation of profitable industries, and billions in pollution control and clean-up costs. Convenient, huh?

Almost overnight, every fluoride-producing industry (and their willing co-conspirators in our hallowed halls of government) began shouting for fluoridation, citing the desperate need to preserve the smiles of children all across the fruited plain. It was the perfect public health PR scheme - but it may yet prove to be the most horrifying act of deception ever foisted upon citizens by their government.

The fluoride menace - and the dental myth
we've all been programmed to accept...

The idea of public water fluoridation was once widely embraced in Europe, but has been banned on the evidence in Scotland, Sweden, The Netherlands, Germany, and France, among others. Interesting, isn't it? Now, in Western Europe, the only places that fluoridate their water are those few small cities still engaged in testing of the process.

Here in the U.S., the downsides of fluoridation are becoming more evident with every passing year, yet our elected officials continue to aggressively promote and expand fluoridation programs. But the blunt fact of the matter is that fluoride has been associated with many severe health problems, including (but not limited to):

Cancer. Several studies link fluoride with as many as 10,000 cancer deaths per year, yet pro-fluoride agencies consistently deny or attempt to refute these findings. One decade- long study showed significantly more cancer deaths in the 10 largest fluoridated cities compared to the...
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