Flq Crisis

Topics: Canada, Quebec, October Crisis Pages: 2 (426 words) Published: February 28, 2007
Thesis: The October crisis was a significant event in Canadian history that depicted the conflict between Quebec and Canada, and the different views that Quebecers and English Canada had. This crisis dep

The October crisis was a cause of an uproar of a group of Quebec nationalist who were eager to have a nation within a nation for Quebec. This crisis was a significant crisis that depicted the conflict between Quebec and Canada in a more disruptive route. Macleans

-"The War Measures Act made the FLQ – retroactively – an illegal organization, and memberishop it an indictable offence. Suspected FLQ members could be arrested without a warrant and held for up to 90 days, the first 21 of them without a charge." 69 -CBC television broadcast, "…referred to Trudeau ‘the queer' (tapette) and talked of how "the French-speaking majority of Quebec is jeered at and repressed on her own territory" (67) -"…the felquistes appeared to be winning the public relations war: some prominent labour leaders were speaking up on their behalf, and demonstrations in support of their demands – including an independent Quebec—were drawling large crowds" 68 -A pro-FLQ rally in Montreal's east end…attracted 3,000 people, unsettling Trudueau and the authorities in Ottawa, Montreal and Quebec City. -"…to protect tour democratic system" –trudeau states for war measures act 69 -"…police and soldiers had arrested and detained hundreds of suspects. Some were FLQ sympathizers, but many had no links….includ[ing] singer Pauline Julien,…poet and journalist Gerald Godin.." 69 -Opposition leader Robert Stanfelid said: "…what I consider to be the small importance Canadians seemed to attach to civil liberties and the willingness with which they were prepared to see the government kick Quebcers around"70 -As La Presse "… ‘87 per cent of Candians support the application' of the [War Measures] act – and added that the ‘support given to Trudeau and Bourassa came almost equally...
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