Flowers in the Attic

Topics: Family Pages: 4 (1478 words) Published: February 23, 2010
Flowers in the Attic, Virginia Andrews

The Dollanger family was a very happy and firm family. Father, mother, one daughter (Cathy), one son (Chris) and a twins (Carry and Cory). That evening father has become 36, everybody was dressed very chiquely and everyone waits with anguish for the moment of father's arrival, but he doesn't come. Two policemen come to the Dollanger's house to tell that Mr.Dollanger is perished in a car accident. All the hearts of the family are broken. They had to move, because the bills can't be paid anymore. They want to move in with the parents of Mrs.Dollanger, extremely rich people. Mrs.Dollanger wants to re-win the affection of her father, which she has lost, because of something that happened in the past and he disinherited her of the thing that happened. Her father was going to die, so if she re-wins his affection and he makes her heiress again, they'll soon be very rich. She writes a letter and after a lot of letters her parents agree with it. The children don't want to move. After a long trip by train and by foot, they finally arrive at the house where Mrs.Dollanger's mother brings the children to a room they aren't allowed to leave. They aren't allowed to make noise and nobody must know that they (the four children) were in the house, especially grandfather, because he would send them straight away. When grandmother comes over to bring food the next morning, the children get a list of all the house rules and they have to learn them inside out. Grandmother isn't nice. Cathy, Christopher, Carry and Cory go to the attic, the room where they discover the strange things. They also discover that there have been locked up more children in the attic. After a while they want fresh air from outside, especially Carrie and Cory. In the evening their mother visits them and she looks very bad. Mother asks them how they have spent the day and the twins start complaining and yelling that they want to leave the room. They yell so hard...
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