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Design a Flowchart for a Process Paper

Safety is an investment – for today, tomorrow, and for our future. The company I work for is committed to providing a safe place of work for everyone and strives relentlessly to ensure all their employees and partners understand their role in maintain high safety standards. This is supported by extensive health and safety programs and a behavioral safety drive aimed at instilling a strong safety culture that changes the way we think and behave.

Safe System of Work Policy
With safety always in mind, the company has a “Safe System of Work Policy”. Before attempting a task plan ahead, selecting the correct tools and equipment will make way to the first steps on performing a safe task. Next, the employees most consider the best access and even best way out in case of an emergency. Another important aspect that sometimes is overseen is discussing the task with your work colleagues, manager, and ever their foreman; this system is intended to assist in the safe completion of the task given and if there are any concerns or even questions they can be addressed before starting the task.

There are several steps needed to follow, as explained in the flow chart below. When carrying out manual handling operations this procedure must be followed:

* Manual handling must be kept to a minimum, where possible mechanical lifting aids should be used. * A task assessment must be carried out on the item(s) being handled looking for hazards, such as ease of access, weight of load, sharp edges, bulky loads, temperature, stability, suitability of container, nip points in load, slippery loads, weight distribution, repetition & what the load is - dangerous substances (coshh may apply) – refer to red Health and Safety management manual proformo as 1 – coshh assessment form. * An assessment must also be carried out on the environment...

References: Http://formby.wiganmbc.gov.uk
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