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Topics: Lottery, Mega Millions, Multi-State Lottery Association Pages: 2 (498 words) Published: August 8, 2010
Lottery, Good or Bad?

Is the lottery a good idea? Some may argue that playing the lottery is a bad idea, and it is just another form of organized crime. I have also heard that playing the lottery is a “stupidity tax.” I will argue that playing the lottery is a good idea, for those that choose to play it, and has many benefits for us all. I am sure you have heard the saying, “When you play, we all win!” Granted, about half of all monies spent on buying lottery tickets go to paying out prizes from a winning lottery ticket. But then again that is why people play the lottery, to win. About a third of the earnings from the sale of lottery tickets contribute to public education expenses. And about a tenth of the lottery sales go towards the retailers. Surprisingly, only about five percent of the lottery earnings go towards the cost of the game and towards the operating expenses. Many states have adopted a system where the main purpose of the lottery is to provide funds for, and to improve the states’ educational system. For example, the Florida lottery has contributed more than $21 billion dollars toward its Educational Enhancement Trust Fund. Like many other states, Florida has a scholarship for high school students that can help pay for college. Florida calls this the Bright Futures Scholarship, which can pay up to 100% of your college education. The Bright Futures Scholarship program is funded by the Florida Lottery and has helped send more than 450,000 students to college since 1997. Lottery funds are also spent on salaries and benefits for instructors and classroom materials such as textbooks. Lottery funds also provide schools the flexibility to continue with valuable programs and services offered to students. The lottery can also play a role in helping to support small businesses. Lottery retailers earn a percentage from their ticket sales. For example, in New Jersey the lottery returned over 140 million dollars in...
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