Florida Everglades

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Ecosystem of the Florida Everglades

The Florida Everglades is often thought to be a swampland but is actually a very slow flowing river. The following essay will look at the structural and functional dynamics of the Everglades. This essay will also consider the plant and animal life that inhabit this ecosystem. Major structural and functional dynamics of Florida Everglades

The everglades originally covered 11,000 square miles of land in Florida. This area was drained by early settlers in order to make room for farm land. In 1947 the Everglades National Parks was established to protect the natural habitat of the area ("National Park Service", 2014). According to the Everglades Foundation (2014), the Florida Everglades “make up the largest subtropical wetland ecosystem in North America (np).” This natural ecosystem is a great provider of clean water for approximately 7 million people who reside in the state of Florida. There are thousands of animals and wildlife that also depend on the existence of this body of water and all it provides. The implication of species interactions on the Everglades

The Everglades is home to both crocodiles and alligators. This is the only place on earth where these two creatures are able to coexist in a peaceful manner (The Everglades Foundation, 2014). The mosquito plays a very valuable role in the cycling of the food chain. These mosquito and larvae are eaten by fish which in turn are devoured by the local birds. Each species plays a vital role in the continuation of the everglades. There are at least 40 known types of mammals which reside within the Everglades, making its preservation all the more important. These animals include bats, bobcats, deer, Everglades mink, Florida panther, and West Indian manatee.

How knowledge about the Everglades ecosystem’s structure and function can help or has helped to develop plans for its restoration or management
In 1993 restoration plans began to occur...

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