Florencio Monographs

Topics: Ethics, Arts, The arts Pages: 2 (675 words) Published: July 28, 2009
Reading the Florencio monographs, gave me a better view of the College of Home Economics; its history, its name, and its purpose. It gave me a clear overview of what CHE is and its importance and the service that its graduates can provide to all. It concerns the most basic and the most fundamental unit of a community, the family.

Applying the monograph to my own discipline was quite difficult at first. It was very specific to the college and gave me a hard time to relate it to my own. But thinking again, I could relate what the monographs are saying about CHE with Art Studies and the College of Arts and Letters as well. The mission of our discipline is to provide a proper knowledge about the Arts not only here in the Philippines but outside our country. We seek to disseminate the Arts and Cultural awareness to everyone. The monographs have helped me to understand that to be able to do this, we need full cooperation to all the other disciplines in my college like the Speech Communication and Theater Arts, Creative Writing to better understand art.

The 7 educative goals of the college is indeed a good guide to live by. Personally, I think this would help me to be a better person after studying. Carrying out all the things I learned not just academically but also the lessons of life. First of the goals is the love of God. Above anything else, we must obey God and all his teachings. We must live our life the way He wanted to and that is what I am trying to do now. I may not be the most religious person in the world but I can say that I am spiritual. Next is the love of country. In my discipline, I think we must possess that very much because we actually wanted to promote cultural awareness and by doing that, we must practice what we preach. Third is the belief in the integral role of family. I must say that I am a very family oriented person. I feel that everyone may leave me but not my family. And with that, I try to protect them as much as I could, being...
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