Floreana, Infernal Paradise

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Floreana, infernal paradise
(A corner of the enchanted islands)
The Archipelago of the Galépagos, with its Enchanted islands, has a doubtless destiny of adventures, because to the old legend of the filibusters and pirates that lived there, added in our time the dramatic story of a group of people that tried to reconstruct the lost paradise there,… FLOREANA PARADISE INFERNAL

The man, sweating, drags a heavy trunk towards the primitive Hut that rises between the weeds to thirty meters of distance. IT IS annoying a slow work, which has put to him in a bad humor. Now, to a few passages of him, a stone bounces and jumping dangerously. It leaves the trunk, stands and shouted angered: Hans… Hans… Enough of stones!

To meters of distance, behind, it appears the figure of a boy of wild aspect; it does not have more than Fourteen years, he is blond and its expression exposed an amazing air of absence. As much as the man and the creature only dress short and ragged trousers, and their bronzed bodies exposed their long permanence outdoors. Stones, no! The man shouts again, and does a pompous negative gesture with the right hand, as if its voice was not enough to impose the order. He is a mature man, of brilliant bald spot and absurd eyeglasses, that give a funny air of him to his wild aspect. The boy shouts, doing great gestures, while he jumps both with feet at the same time. If your throw another stone, I beat to you and moves his hand, whipping the air. Soon he inclines, takes and returns the trunk to begin its hard task; but as soon as it has taken two steps, another stone falls in its way, after touching his back to him. Hans. , I’m going to…

… And Hans jumps again like a savage in winch of the fire, but always to the same distance of the man. This, then, makes horn with the hands and shouts;Margarita… Margaritaaaa… ,
A woman voice is heard, who responds:

Seconds later, by the stingy footpath those winds in a stony land, the Silhouette Arises from a woman. SHE is blond, rather low and seems to be about thirty-five years of age. She has the same wild air of the man and the boy: Burned skin, hair in disorder and little clothes, if it is that can be called clothes to the destroyed dress that is wearing. When seeing the woman, the shouts of the boy got worse and higher its jumps. Margaritas… take Hans with you. Since a quarter of an hour that he shouts, jumps and throws stones incessantly. Just almost… The woman had fixed to the boy a peculiar glance, and clarified immediately: Something happens, Arthur.

Bah! Take him repeated the man, inclining on the trunk that dragged. She went towards Hans, who advanced to his encounter always gesturing. What happens, Hans "? What has…?
With the guttural shouts he made wild gestures and clumsy gestures, so that his excited overflowing had something of an exasperating and dramatic. Arthur…, I say to you that something happens … I know my son. He had advanced two steps; returned to stop and, annoyed, said: He might have destroyed some animal on the way and wants to show you… Leave me alone already… Hans, taking to its mother by an arm, pulled very robust; the man had returned to his work and she, then, let the boy take her. It passed like a half an hour; there was already the trunk next to the hut and the ragged individual drank water in a bucket eagerly when a distant shout seemed to alarm him; He listened for a second and the shout repeated more clearly: Wittmer… Wittmer…

Throwing to the ground the bucket, ran quickly by the Footpath; Hans Wittmer knew very well that when her wife called to him by the last name, something burdens happened. The last time that she shouted Wittmer… Wittmer…, had been when Hans plunge by the cliff and was on the verge falling to the sea. Now it could be something similar. It was not possible to live calm with that poor creature: creature that was transformed by the stupidity into a small monster. But he was his son, and for...
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